Saturday, January 22, 2005

Hung over, bummin' around the net:

I found this New Year's resolution hilarious: "I’m going stop trying to sleep my way to the top. The ratio of trips to the abortion clinic to actual job advancement has just not proved profitable enough."

This also gave me a smile, from the Terra Naomi newsletter: "as you can see, i've adopted a new newsletter format. if you don't see images and colors in this newsletter then you need to enable your browser's html feature. or drop some acid. but then who knows what you'd see...might i suggest option #1?"

When the commercials become the show there's a problem... Superbowl ads can be pretty hilarious though! I'm glad I'm going to be able to tape this for my Product and Brand Management class in which we're going to be reviewing the winners/losers and effectiveness of the ads. At about 2.4 million bucks for a 30-second pop, those commercials better damn well be good! By the way, what are we up to for Superbowl lads?

A cool site to pass the time, put your height in and then you can compare your relative size to other famous people... just as I thought, Alyssa Milano and I are a perfect fit ;-)

So you're a scientist, working for 18 years on a project, and then some intern forgets to turn on your device when the sateilite makes it's only pass by the distant moon of Titan. Great, flush all those long nights of work down the toilet!

Drinking beer reduces the risk of Cancer?!? Yeah that's exactly why I've been drinking so much!... oh wait it says "in moderation"... phooey.

This post about Ashley Simpson is absolutely hilarious!

"While publicly Ashlee Simpson is dismissing criticism of her recent live performances, privately it’s said to be getting to her. After being caught lip-synching on Saturday Night Live and getting booed at the Orange Bowl, Ashlee has been crying on the shoulder of big sister Jessica Simpson, who’s worried that Ashlee will crack under the pressure. As soon as Ashlee got off the Orange Bowl stage, she reportedly called Jessica in tears, asking what she was doing wrong. Hmm, how about sucking? I find that sucking is usually the leading cause of being booed and hated."

Paul Graham writes an entry entitled "What You'll Wish You'd Known" about the lessons he's learned in life and how it would have been of greater benefit to have known those lessons before embarking on that journey (as early as high school). A great piece to read, I've clipped the essence here:

"The only real difference between adults and high school kids is that adults realize they need to get things done, and high school kids don't. That realization hits most people around 23. But I'm letting you in on the secret early. So get to work. Maybe you can be the first generation whose greatest regret from high school isn't how much time you wasted."

Rolling Stone magazine denies a "revised" Bible advertisement, thereby giving the biggest amount of free advertising for both that either could ever hope for. Some brand manager somewhere just got a raise.

It's the year of the video game publisher wars, Take Two tries to despertly respond to last weeks EA-NFL exclusive deal by going after MLB. This is just the beginning, let the cold war begin! The search engine wars are in full swing, is Yahoo! preparing to aquire a blogging community? Of course blogger (the service I use) was bought out by Google and I have nothing but wholesome goodness to say about their service and product offering!

Here's a good post by Scoble about the "nolink" tag issue. The only part that interests me is the responsiveness of the companies involved... THAT'S what makes a great company! (although snaffu's like this don't help!). Semi-related analysis of Apple's product positioning.

Here's a company that lets you print whatever you want on t-shirt, hoodies etc. I came up with a similar idea many years ago and never got around to it, an idea is great but as they tell me in Biz Venture Creation class: "Entrepreneurship is having a great idea AND putting it into action!"
A good Wired interview with Jeff Bezos, CEO of

The RFID tag revolution isn't quite upon us yet... because the technology can't do what it's supposed to do, make it easy to track inventory accurately.

Ok I can't believe this actually happens, well actually after seeing what some people send from corporate e-mail accounts I guess I can, but these idiots used company lines to set up a rival investment firm! You can guess where this story goes, their employer finds out and yadda yadda... idiots! Speaking of investment firms, here's a good site for evaluating the value of stocks.

Suffering through the NHL lockout too? Here's a site that keeps you up to date on recent interviews from players and people involved. With the failure of this past weekends talks it's clear that we're not going to have NHL hockey until at least this time next year :-( At least the most entertaining hockey in the world (Ontario Hockey League Junior) is still going strong! Go 67's Go!!!

Just another lazy Saturday afternoon... ;-)

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