Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Some links and thoughts that have been pilling up:

During orientation one of the tech support guys, who's only job was to set up the laptop and projector for a presentation, couldn't get it to work. Looks like he's not the only one having problems, even billionaire and CEO of the largest software company in the world Bill Gates can't get his presentations to work all the time. I guess this puts our case studies class into perspective eh! :-)

This is a great article (once you get past the boring intro) on the lack of a standardized ranking and grading system for hospitals, doctors and medical care. Some great ideas in there.

And I thought some of MY flights were bad, take a look at this one.

A cool site showing cool T-shirts. This one caught my attention, it says "If I had a dollar for every time I'd have 60 cents, I'd be in Canada" (refering to the American exchange rate)... hilarious!

CNN ranks the top 25 non-medical inventions of the last 25 years, interesting but they totally leave you hanging for number one until a later date, I frigging hate when they do that! Sidenote: clearly Chrismica is the number one invention of not only the last 25 years but of our entire millenium ;-)

I'm getting excited for this years Winterlude festival in Ottawa! Especially for Beavertails and skating on the canal, which Julia tells me you can preview by clicking on the "Virtual Tour" button here.

This article is both humourous and insitefull on the perils of having a enforcement entity that has to police things that they have no direct or indirect knowledge or understanding of. They use the hilarious example of India's police force in charge of cybercrime and passport control personel.

Go Munich Go! That would be cool, watching Canada win the Olympic hockey gold in Munich ;-)

Didn't get enough of the Champion Canadian Junior hockey team? I know I didn't! Here's the Hockey Canada site with lots of pics, updates, vids etc. They even have an auction going for some of the jerseys and equipement the players used during the tournament, alas to far out of my reach economically.

The Arctic as the last major land grab race? (countries are clammering to claim sections of the Arctic because global warming is making resource mining a viable option sometime in the future) I think not, just look at Antartica and eventually space as "the final fronteer". I wonder if the captured water of the poles will someday hold more value than the minerals they protect.

Wired magazine's annual "Vapourware" awards. Vapourware is software that developers promise to deliver but that actually never arrive... I'm still waiting for my time machine.

Delta, and the majority of the airline industry, are in big trouble. I'm sure most of you have heard about their recent slashing of prices, particularly in the lucrative business traveler market, to lure customers, try and starve out competition and to survive bankrupcy. Didn't help with any of my flights though :-(

I saw a picture of the interior of this new "holiday dome" in the paper. It's located about an hour outside Berlin and I'd like to go check it out. An interesting idea but I'm not so sure it'll take hold in the country where the locals are the #1 travelers of the world.

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