Friday, January 07, 2005

Well orientation has cum and gone, now I'm all up to date on:

1 - Utah is a dry campus, that's right no drinking at all on the premisis... guess they meant no drinking except beers on the mountain on your first night in the state ;-)

2 - Well with no on campus bar (hmm I guess Pforzheim didn't have one either, but when you can buy hefe in the mensa and gluwine is served by the students committee on cold days it ain't so bad!) I guess they need other things to occupy their time... you would not believe how many arcade games, large screen TV's, computer labs, theatre, movies and yes even bowling alleys there is on campus. No joke.

3 - Theft is the biggest crime on campus. Second biggest is being a virgin ;-)

4 - As far as I thought my on-campus housing was from my classes was I was wrong... it's farther.

5 - There are 256 squares on the roof of the conference room... yes 7 hours of orientation is way too much.

6 - Basically every other masters student is on a "reciprical exchange", meaning I'm the only one getting screwed with a $4000 tuition bill.

7 - My Dean is Canadian, unfortunatly he's from vancouver. At least he's not from Quebec, no offence to any of my fellow Canadian Quebecer friends :-) Actually a pretty cool guy, he braggs about basically having crossed the border to the US way back with hair to his knees driving a VW van... groovy baby!

8 - Utah is like window shopping, there's so much quality surrounding you but there's an invisible wall keeping you from touching the merchandise.

9 - The $40 in tokens I bought for the tram are basically useless since I got my free tram pass today... thanks for telling me that sooner eh!

10 - Did I mention that it's a dry campus?

My Favorites list is backing up with links and articles that I want to post but that will have to wait...

Update: Well a little off topic but I didn't get to mention how the Canadian Juniors won the World Championships (6-1 over our arch enemy the Russians). We (Canada) now holds every major championship, the World Championship, the World Cup, the Olympic Gold and now the World Juniors... sweet!!

Go Canada Go!!!

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