Monday, December 13, 2004

Amster-BAM! Great roadie with a bunch of the MBA's to Amsterdam this weekend.

The killer sauna 12 hour bus tour certainly took its toll, especially with the "friendly" bus driver even pulling the bus to the side of the road to give us all a spanking once. Hilarious. We finally got there though and it didn't take long to get into the groove. Combine the fact that drugs are available 24/7 and there's a frigging Irish pub or two on every single corner of the city and you're definatly going to have some good times. Saturday night was a blast, many of us were totally blasted, best place to check out was "Rookies", sweet pool, music and atmosphere... followed of course by "Cock Ring" for which I will have a photo posted soon :-)

(Hey gang, please shoot in the pics from the weekend so I can make them available online eh)

Sunday chilled out a little, checked out the Van Gogh museum, had sweet "happy" ribs for diner and then rocked back on the bus. A tremendous weekend that seemed to "fly" by ;-) A special thanks to Anutter who set everything up and handled the weekend like a prostar, even having to deal with stoners and retards like me. Thanks from all of us!

PS> Space muffins rock :-)

Now the light at the end of the tunnel fast approaches. I'm outtie on Friday, but don't forget about Irish Pub Wednesday and for some of you Thursday night at the butcher. Both will be total barn burners!

If anyone is looking to upgrade their place they should gimme a call ASAP since my place will be available, 149 euros a month (including all water, heat and electricity), 5 mins to both bus stops, 5 mins to centertown, 1 min to bank and grocery store, deposit includes use of desk, futon bed, TV stand and 21" TV, small fridge, dressor and drawers for clothes, private washing machine and dryer, microwave, stove, dishes and utensils, and a whack of other stuff I'll be leaving behind like clock radio, carpet, lamps, BBQ, patio chairs, etc If you reserve then you can either move in anytime in December or February/March at the beginning of next semester (just call if you want to check it out). Sweet place.

Last exam tomorrow, then just a presentation and a couple papers away from closing the chapter on this semester. Lookout Utah, here I cum!


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