Monday, December 06, 2004

Well I see that my last couple posts didn't make it onto the site, I'll have to check into what the problem is later this week. At least you didn't miss much, more of the same, work, party, work, party, party, work, party...

I just around to reading this e-mail from a buddy of mine who works in the marketing dept. at a large company (identity hidden to protect the guilty). I pee'd myself when I read it:

"[Company] Corporate sent me an email on Monday asking me to submit a quote on the successful marketing campaign within the Canadian market for an editorial that is being compiled, so I submitted the following:

"[Company]'s marketing team has once again done this company proud. We now stand a good chance of bringing in some serious greenage. Now I won't feel quite as guilty when the Accounting Department is tallying up all those expense receipts for my time schmoozing with potential customers at such prestigious clubs as "Twin Peaks" and "Hole in One" and "Whorehouse" and "Walk-In Clinic". Moreover, as the Marketing Coordinator for [Company]'s Equipment and Rental Division, it's a great thing to see the [Company] name gaining greater awareness. Personally I liked my idea of streaking the quad with the [Company] logo painted on my back, but some dude in Legal had other ideas. But thanks to [Company]'s hugely successful print, radio and television campaigns, customer awareness has shot through the roof, as has employee awareness of the need for a hefty Xmas bonus!"


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