Thursday, November 18, 2004

Well that blows. I assumed my laptop crash was software related, so after a week of reloading data, programs, preferences and basically getting back up to speed, it crashed again, Hard Drive failure... great. Looks like my data's gone for good but at least it looks like the repairs might be warrentieed. Some notes before I go cry again:

Don't forget to register for exams, due Friday November 19th, tomorrow! The form can be found here.

Haveing been deathly sick with the flu all weekend I didn't get out to party much, but at least I was able to check out Domino Day 2004 (on RTL). I can't believe I wasted away over 3 hours just watching different domino's fall. You can check out some video reply by clicking on the link below "Die Highlights vom Domino-Day 2004 im Video". They didn't get a record for most consecutive domino's falling as there was 2-3 screwups, but for the record I liked the moses parting the seas one the best, geeky cool!

It's hunting season, for those of you who arn't able to get to the range, why not try some online hunting eh!?! And for god's sake people, pay or make arrangements with Anette for the Amsterdam trip if you haven't already done so, the stress levels are growing to the point of her using the link above for a different kind of hunting!

Hockey Night Friday! It's going to be great, see you all at the rink at 9:30!! Irish for 11:30 - 12:00 for those not making it on the ice (wimps!). Pics and stories to follow recovery on Sat, and don't forget to circle Dec 16th, the last night for me in Germany and probably the last day of my livers life ;-)

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