Sunday, November 07, 2004

We decided to go out for "one beer" last night, and as usual the "one beer" nights end up being more dangerous than the planned binge party nights. Met some cool guys at the pub and learned a new dice game. Also learned that playing new dice games with oozo as the penalty equals crawling home at 5:30 AM with a massive headache. Sunday is a day of rest :-)

Anyways now that Newey party is out of the way I wanted to annouce some upcuming events of interest:

1 - Hockey Night in Pforzheim

Back by popular demand, Hockey Night in Pforzheim will be held on November 19th starting at 9:30 PM (so you can get your skates and warm up with a few practice laps before the game starts at 10) meeting at the arena. Same shit as last time, 10 euros (this time paid in advance) including your skate rental, ice fee, stick etc. There will only be 18 spots this time as we do not want to have to change all the time so this time there will only be one stick per person and the 2 goalies. Of course post game pops at irish afterwards.

Here's the people who are signed up and paid:

Russia Stuttgart
Stuttgart Roomies x2
Jeff (MIS)
Moskow 1

Which means there is only 2 more spots for whoever wants, first paid, first served :-)

2 - MBA Getaway Weekend

Don't forget to pay Anette for the trip by depositing money into her acocunt (details on the e-mail). Detination is Amsterdam and she'll be e-mailing hotel info soon. It's going to be great.

3 - Ross Farwell Bash

Well the time has cum for me to start planning for my move to Utah for 4th semester :-( I'll be rocking out on Dec 17th so what better way to leave then spend a night of excesive drinking, eating and whatever other extra-curricular activities present themself with all my friends from PF, Germany and Europe. The party will be held at a restaurant in Kirchberg (Kirchberg an der Murr Bahnhof if you're looking for it on the bahn website) which is a small village just outside of Stuttgart. They offer traditional German cuisin (my personal favorite is the "roastbratten und spetzle", definatly not spelled anywhere near right), cold beer and good times. After a late diner (we start at 7:30 PM) we might rock up to Swabish Hall for some pub crawling, but it's all flex as we usually are dancing inside the restaurant until the wee hours of the morning :-)

There's no price or signup for this event, I hope to see as many of you as possible there. I know it's a bit of a ride out there but trust me it couldn't be any other way as this is the place I start and end all my european tours, it's that fun. There'll be many people driving there which is cheaper and faster so ask around (drivers please contact me if you have extra space to carpool), but there's a decent train leaving at 6:06 PM. Here's a pic from my first night in Germany over a year ago from the restaurant... great times!!


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