Monday, October 18, 2004


Newey Party - Sign-ups for Newey party tickets has begun and will end Thursday October 21st at 1PM (right after Financial Analysis class), after that you'll have to get tickets from UASTA which in years past have always sold out early (although I've heard the new rules to only allow people to buy one ticket for themselves and one extra should help solve this problem). Price per ticket is 6-8 euros, not 68 euros :-) , I'll let you know Friday online and payment is due by the following Friday.

Stuttgart Pub Crawl - The VFB game is on Sunday, not Saturday, and since most of the MBA's have Financial Accounting until 5PM anyways, we've moved the train to Stuttgart pub crawl this Saturday at 6:20 PM (train leaves at 6:26) arriving in Stuttgart at 7. Cum one cum all!

MBA Trip - Details for the Dec 10 - 12 th weekend getaway (the leading candidates are Amsterdam, Rome and Ireland) are cuming soon, stay tuned!

And finally it was someone's b-day today in class, happy b-day!


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