Sunday, October 17, 2004

I've been wondering if learning English is as hard for a German as learning German is for me. With all the detail specific words for objects etc that the German language has that we use a single word for in English, I wonder if a German percieves the English language as some kind of doublespeak :-)

Bumin' around the net on a Sunday afternoon waiting for the 67's game to start... this is what I found:

This post is absolutely hilarious (click on "audio clip" at the end of the October 11th post). I'll take ho's for 300 Alex!

Where landing on the moon was the previous generations amazing wonder of space exploration, ours will be the colonisation of the moon, landing on Mars and beyond. We're getting closer to an interconnected interstellar highway.

Hilarious that people can write crap like this and actually have people believe them and make money off it. Every answer is "the guy is an asshole and totally doesn't want you". It seems the author won't be happy until every female reader turns lesbo. Although some of these situations are possible and do occur sometimes, they certainly don't paint the picture of all guys. Just like in professional life, if you want it, go get it, whether you're male or female.

Hilarious, the most flaming promo video I've ever seen (click on the movie link and suffer through the first three quarters to see the ending).

For those of you who recently bought laptops, head on over to Microsoft's quasi-official Power Tools website. The cleartype utility and "Alt Tab Replacement" are especially good. (note: still looking for someone with a copy of English Windows XP for Carlos and King of Rohan, thanks in advance).

Looks like Darth Vader and the rest of the Star Wars gang have been hitting the gym... HARD. I should get on whatever workout plan they're on! (how does a robot get muscles?? A retrofit perhaps?)

See you all around this week on campus...

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