Friday, October 08, 2004

I recently signed up for Marketing Sherpa's newsletter and recieved "Top 10 B-B Lead Generation Marketing Mistakes". An interesting read (shoot me an e-mail if you want a copy) and I liked her idea's on treating new sign-ups differently from established list users since they are much more excited and eager to learn as well as probably needing a little more structural information and hand holding until they get into the site.

When I bought a Disneyland package from the Luftansa travel agency here in Pforzheim this past summer, they not only sent a hand written "well wishes" letter with my tickets in the mail, but also sent a "welcome home" postcard upon return. I realize that they do this with all their customers and has next to nil sincerity, but the gesture was surprising and impressive. It certainly put an additional smile on my face after having one of the best vacations ever!

Which brings me to my final point. I liked Sherpa's suggestions of a "best of" list, questionaire and resource maps (indicators) but adding personal touch is the most important and undervalued action item of all.

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