Saturday, October 02, 2004

Some quips from around the net and from inside my noggin':

I've moved this post to the top even though it was written after most of the others because of it's applicability (is that even a word?) to all of us starting tomorrow as well as my increasing interest and belief in its value lately. Thoughts on developing a 4 month plan. Anyone else have some good procrastination/planning links?

The shaggin' wagin'. We totally have to get one of these to cruise around Europe in!

Has anyone seen or used the Archos portable media player? I'm wondering how durable it is as well as the screen quality. Certainly it looks like a better value than the Creative and other models, although the Creative model looks pretty slick.

More on the human capacity to read (I have a previous post on this), an interesting post since I could undertand it at regular reading speed but I wonder if our non-English native speakers have the same level of comprehension?

Here's an interesting post on "7 Reasons Why Businesses Should Blog Now". I think the list should be condesed to 4 points:

1 Feedback - Direct link to customers
2 Leadership - Become the expert AND medium for intelligent idea exchange within your business sector
3 Marketing - It's a quality mechanism for attracting and retaining customers
4 No Holds Barred - (from the "don't do list) Let frank discussion and opinions be heard, it's the only way you can successfully defend your companies unique strategic position on issues in the market

Need to get up the steep hill to FH-Pforzheim but can't afford a car or even a babe-magnet jeep like I own? Maybe you should get a solar powered scooter because I don't think a flying car is too pheasable yet :-)

Want to convince your city to go wireless? Here's a discussion and references on "how-to". How bout' we start by just getting the FH going! (although we do have crappy access in *some* parts of the library and campus).

India has launched the first education dedicated satelite for remote classroom programming. An interesting idea that might be applicable to Canada due to our many low-population areas spread across our HUGE country (#2 biggest in size in the world, Russia takes the crown with China, USA and Brazil taking three through five).

Another service I'm looking at is Skype, IP telephony. Does anyone have experience with this or another Internet based phone service? My Vodaphone bills get delivered by a dump truck they're so big, if you're thinking about getting a cell phone plan here in Germany, definatly go with O2, they're the cheapest, offer monthly free sms packages and can even let you assume to call from your local home number within a kilometer of your home (which includes the school since Pforzheim is built in a valley. Vodaphone you suck.

Hilarious. The new Tim Horton's in SLC seems to be exceeding expectations and should top a million in sales this year. It's hilarious (in a sarcastic, dark vengence type of way) because in 1997 I started researching the franchising process to try and bring a Tim Horton's to the SLC only to run into a roadblock with the name Mark Murdock because as the head of Waterloo U food services he had a veto block on any food oriented business that wanted to go into SLC. His words at the time "I am saving you from yourself, a Tim Horton's in SLC will never survive with cheaper coffee available at both Turnkey Desk and Brewbakers". He also got into our bad books by basically serving shit food in Village 2 at rapeage prices. He even cut off weekend service at V2 for a couple months, fantastic. Asshole. I'm not sure who was the bigger prick, him or that bitch that was in charge of V1 and V2.

These posts are turning decidedly negative, which probably has alot to do with the fact that I'm listening over Internet to my favorite junior hockey team get their asses kicked 4-1 right now... I'm grumpy.

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