Monday, October 11, 2004

Dobe dobe do...

An interesting look at the world of ketchup and mustard. He ends the piece with "ketchup is ketchup" which is true, Heinz, there's no other keinz!

Ukranian Ice Cream with drug names?:

"A court in southern Russia has banned the sale of Ukrainian ice cream that hit the shelves under names alluding to drugs, such as "Your Hemp Dose" and "Poppy Fun"

Lawful crackdown on a preditory product or suppression of entrepreneurial freedom? It reminds me of the old Popeye Candy Cigarettes that used to be sold in stores that my mom would never let me buy.

When I was a kid (hint: I still am) I loved Star Wars. I had alot of the action figures and toys but there was always one thing I wanted that you couldn't buy (besides a real millenium falcon), the space chess game that chewy and R2D2 played. Well it looks like some geeks out there have even developed rules for the game!

Not a very informative post, but it provides food for thought for those of us entering the work force again (or for the first time in some cases).

Are you "Getting Things Done"? A surface review and rsources list on the famous book and philosphy. I'm certainly getting alot of procrastination done :-)

Another great optical illusion, if anyone finds more of these online please shoot me an e-mail.

MTV's version of the "real" O.C., I doubt this will hit german MTV before next semester but I'm still going to try and eMule a few episodes. If you're suffering from O.C. withdrawl until the season premiere in Nov, check out "North Shore", it starts slow but picks up steam near the middle of season 1.

First these big Internet companies killed off competition within their market space (Amazon for Books, Google for search, Ebay for electronic markets etc) and now they seem to be attacking each others markets.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently got into a little hot water over basically calling Apple iPod users pirates, but this post explains what I feel is the overblown story. Here's Sun President and COO Jonathon Schwartz getting slapped with a cease and desist from rival HP over remarks he made on his blog.

Dobe dobe do...


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