Sunday, October 10, 2004

Well the first hockey night in Pforzheim has cum and gone. Thanks to all (great turnout) who were able to make it either to the game or to Irish Pub afterwards (official IP count was 57!). It took most of Saturday to recover but it was totally worth it (anyone who took pics please e-mail them to me so I can diseminate them to the entire group). I heard some of you were able to drag yourselves out of bed long enough to hit the last night of the Stuttgart Volksfest, how'd that go?

Some places I've been buming around this morning on the net:

I've been waiting for this service for a while, wireless internet access on trans-continental flights. Well congrats to Luftansa for being the first that I've heard about that offers this (scroll to bottom). A bit pricey at $29.95 US but for a 7 hour flight from Frankfurt to Toronto it would totally be worth it (just being able to keep up with my X-wars moves would be worth it!). :-)

Sometimes it just has to be done (takes a second or two to load).

I've always wanted to check out a game of cricket, something big like Australia vs. India, alas it will have to wait until after my forways to Russia, Italy and next fall Antartica.

Ok, what the hell am I doing up on Sunday morning anyways? Back to bed...

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