Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Biz Leadership - We will be (hopefully) finishing photocopying the class notes and first two books tomorrow. I will bring copies of the two books for everyone who requested them for next class (price yet to be determined, cost of photocopies) unless you want them before (we DO have readings due for this week) in which case I will be at Innovation Management at 5PM Thurday night, otherwise you're out of luck and will have to wait until class on Monday. Don't forget to order the third book "Now Discover Your Strengths" from Amazon.de or your choice book dealer.

Newey Party - This is the HUGE party inside the school at the start of the September semester, to be honest I had expected it to be this Friday but I haven't seen anything about it yet. Tickets can be bought from the students committee for the school (UASTA) but usually sell out in the first day or two and you're only allowed 2 tickets per person (to limit outsiders). I would like to get a block of tickets for the MBA's/IMP's so we don't have to go through that crap but I'll have to talk with them first. If anyone sees a sign for when tix will go on sale e-mail me ASAP!

Hockey Night Photos - I've only gotten a few pics from the "Hockey Night in Pforzheim" game, and considering that I had permenant blinding for two days following that event from all the camera flashes I know that there's alot more photos out there. Please send a scanned copy of them all in so I can diseminate them to the group. Thanks!

MBA Students Committee - Meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) at 2:30PM, front of library. Agenda includes elections, MBA excursion weekend, alumni preparations, idea generation, social events and of course your idea brainstorming. If you can't make it please be sure to check the meeting minutes to keep up to date, we'll also be putting future meetings at a specific time so everyone can make it (currently there are few desireable time blocks with everyone free).

Hotel Ruff - What the hell has happened to you guys? Last year by this time there was weekly week-ender benders with at least one or two mid-week bashes for b-days and whatever other excuse! I hope this year's crop of IMP Ruff residents are just slow starters and saving the best for later in the semester!

Stuttgart PubCrawl - That's right, next weekend (Saturday October 23rd) is the Stuttgart pubcrawl. Starts at the pub at 3:30 - 5:30 for earlybirds (to watch the game on TV and have some prep-beers) and the full thing starts off at Jenny Robb's place at 8PM. Don't miss out! Contact JR at jenny.robb@web.de for deets, directions etc.

Workout Wednesday's - Last term the old timers realized that we're fat and out of shape (except for beer drinking shape, in which case we're Olympians!) so we started playing weekly sports. This semester the weekly workout is on Wednesday... hmmm the WWW, Weekly Wednesday Workout, not bad. Anyways it's Wednesday's at 5:15PM at the tennis court at the university, right beside the bus stop. Not sure about tomorrow since short notice and possible rain but we're scheduled for Wednesday October 20th for road hockey (start practicing those skills for the next ice hockey game!). Best part is that it's totally free and it's hilarious watching the old timers knee over in gasping pain after only 10 minutes :-)

Announcements - Anyone else have special announcements (a Ruff opening party bash perhaps?) then just shoot me an e-mail for posting. Upcuming info on the DEL hockey game trip, the Bundesliga game trip, the Kirchberg/Swabish Hall traditional German diner and pub crawl, the brewery and wine field tours and so much more!

First classes should now be complete, how's your schedule look? Don't even ask about mine!

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