Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Sitch:
Blown up engine on the AutoBahn : Yes
150 Euro Tow : Yes
15 Euro Cab Ride : Yes
40 Euros in Oil : Yes
7 hours wasted : Yes

The Qualifications:
Mathematics Degree : Yes
Maters Degree : Shortly

The Result:
Realizing you had already PAID for Allianz emergency roadside assistance over a year ago which would have covered all the above costs after having already paid and arrived home : Yes

The Conclusion:
Common Sense : No
Retard : Yes

Anyways, the Vitara unceremoniously blew up on the autobahn last night. I'm temporarily relegated to the bus crowd, waking up one hour earlier in the morning etc... Life kicks you in the nads sometimes :-)

Anyways, some more notes from in and around the FH:

Tim brought to my attention an interesting class also taught in English (for the keeners out there); Int. Marketing, Wed, 13.45, W1.502 / Theoretical Background Thurs, 12.00, K04 / Case. Thanks T-O!

I need submissions for the November 6th international food night (being held at Kepler), please e-mail or catch me at school to notify of your participation and what you will be preparing food-wise.

International Economics notes are ready, please e-mail if you want a copy of the textbook pages, 10 euros.

Details of the December 10-12 MBA getaway weekend will be out sometime next week or the week after, Amsterdam, Rome and Dublin are the three front runners by votes so far.

Newey Party ticket list is now CLOSED, everyone who has not signed the list or sent me an e-mail has to wait in line and hope for tickets when they become available, for everyone on the list I will have information on cost (6, 7 or 8 euros) and pickup date/time/place next week.

Who's interested in MBA t-shirts? Shoot me an e-mail by Nov 1st and we'll see if we have enough people.

We're soon going to be doing preliminary course evaluations. Details cuming soon but your feedback is always welcome and usually finds its way up the academic value chain. Just to let you know, my classes have been going ok so far with no complaints, but that's mostly because I finished all Big W's classes last year :-)

Thanks to Alex for getting a bunch of pics in, please PLEASE send in any others that you people might have, especially the group photos in which I personally took about 10 pictures from different cameras). I'll eventually put them all somewhere on the site where everyone can download them, but until then enjoy!


Hockey Night In Pforzheim is BACK!!! I wasn't sure if we'd have enough time to set it up again before I rock out to Utah but do to popular demand we'll be having one more. Set your alarm clocks for Friday November 19th, 9:30 (puck drops at 10PM but you'll need time to get your skates and have a couple practice skating laps). The deets are basically the same (10 euros, which includes ice rental fee, skates and use of a stick) however we will be limiting the game to 18 skaters this time so everyone gets a stick (except the goalies) and therefor there will be no substitutions from the bench (so everyone plays the whole game). Registration, like Frank on a Saturday night, is FIRST CUM FIRST SERVE so the first 18 people who can catch me at school or during my office hours on Wednesday night from 10 PM - 2 AM at Irish Pub with 10 euros are in, the rest can watch like broken legged gimps from the bench (any resemblance of this remark to the one we loveingly refer to as Jenny R is purely intentional). This is an OPEN event, which means MBA's, IMP's, MIFA, friends, family and pets are all welcome to join.

Another pic from last time, can I ask what dope Russia was not sharing with the rest of the group? Just joking, see ya on the other side of the Iron Curtain next week Maria :-)


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