Monday, October 25, 2004

Well I'm off to Russia tomorrow, actually tomorrow night I leave for the airport and arrive in St. Petersburg on Wednesday morning, but for all intensive purposes I'm outtie from Pforzheim tomorrow. As you can imagine things are pretty crazy getting everything done before going, and it's not easy now that I'm riding the pine of public transit until the car gets out of the shop (please god by tomorrow night!).

So until next week here's some org stuff to take care of:

Newey party tix will be available starting next week, you can pick them up from me personally in person or on Tuesday or Wednesday (as long as you signed up on the sheet), 6 euros each. I'll be at:

Tues 3 PM Library
Tues 5 PM W4.2.05
Wed 1:30 PM K08
Wed 5 PM K09

I guess this makes it pretty easy for any of you hot stalkers to find me, uggo's no thank you. There's going to be a preparty for this (usually at kepler or Ruff) so peeps let me know.

The MBA trip will be to Amsterdam, train tickets have to be purchased on Nov. 1 to get the cheap price, leaving on the all nighter Dec 10th, return Sunday Dec 12th at night, 29 euros each way, plus the hostel price for Sat night (which we'll know after everyone has signed up but is usually about 20 euros). For those who made it out the pubcrawl Sat night you'll know this is another don't miss event! Contact info from Anette (who is organising sign-ups) will be e-mailed to you soon.

The students exec has a meeting with the faculty heads tomorrow afternoon and I'll try and post highlights tomorrow before leaving, otherwise when I get back, don't sweat it man :-)

Gossip for the pub crawl from my side include minimal total recall Sunday with the exception of a big smile. After arriving in Pforzheim around 7 AM and taking a small foray, I think I finally got to bed at 10 AM. Ouch! Totally worth it... take a look here (pick Stuttgart, thanks to Marta who got these online). Three cheers for the new Steiffel champ, now she's got stones!!


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