Friday, November 12, 2004

Bummin' around the web, trying to locate some of my old favorites (which I lost with the laptop), I came across these:

An eight year old girl (with help from her father) starts a web-based biz to save money to buy a pony, no joke. A future billionaire in the making, as long as she doesn't spend too much time with her pony!

Top ten entrepreneurs of all time? (U.S.)

I've always maintained that professionalism is a staple for strong leadership. You've GOT to take a look at Bush prior to his national broadcast of his acceptance of re-election. This is the person who is leading the largest country in the free world. Here's some more brilliant quotes from Bush, submitted by our own resident American/German Frank.

We're number one! Waterloo University (where I took my undergrad) is number one once again. We actually went 10 straight years being number one before being ursuped last year, coinciding with my graduation and absence one year earlier, coincidence? :-)

What's Skype? Only the latest killer app to hit the web!

And finally, Stevie J got this one in:


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