Friday, November 12, 2004

Let's review shall we: car blew up last week, a total writeoff (4000 euros), thank god it's been raining/snowing most of the week otherwise my bus stop waiting times wouldn't nearly be so interesting (for those of you scoring at home, and I've now missed 3 buses by an average of 10 seconds so far). Sunday night laptop goes down, I'm on $35 an hour tech support to India for over 2 days trying to understand what the hell they're talking about (is it english, is it tech jargon, did you say India lost the last cricket game??, what the f%$^ ???), get my personal data files back (finally), I buy a 150 euro USB hard drive to back those (expensively) recovered files only to have THAT hard drive break in two as I try to reload the files back onto my laptop (the sticker says "assembled in Germany", great job fucko!). Chick problems cuming out my ears, a terrible flu that knocked me out for most of the last 2 (and possibly next 2) days, my new favorite band (Es Ist Juli) cancelled the only concert I could have gone to see, just got my scholorship extension rejected (I'm going to the U.S. for my final semester and the scholorship is only good for european schools), my roomate is now officially in a religious cult, the other roomate just smoked a dube and puked on the bathroom floor mat, 5 weeks before leaving and I have none of my files for my presentations, papers and classes, sans e-mail, and I just burnt my toast.

Yeah I know, I haven't posted or replied to e-mails in a while...

This is what I feel like this week, just waiting for the next piece of news to erupt:

Update: At least Irish Pub on Wednesday was it's usual rockin self, always look on the bright side eh! :-)

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