Sunday, November 28, 2004

So how does someone go from a late night post ranting about cell phones to sitting in an Internet cafe in Paris almost a week later updating their blog? Well let's take a look:

Tuesday - Rough day at the office, rough day outside the office. Solution: Roll the dice and hit a sweet Pokal hockey game in biettingheim where the heavily outgunned second league home team came back with a goal, heart, fight, blood sweat and tears to almost come from behind and beat a first league DEL team in front of a sellout jungle of a crowd and loose heartbreakingly 2-1. Great game, hockey cleans the soul :-)

Wednesday - Looking forward to a long night of accounting studying in advance of the eventual cerebral rapeage to cum in the morning. Solution: Roadie to Stuttgart through mindboggleingly bad traffic to visit broken arm guy, a hockey related injury but he'll be fine as long as all those kisses keep cuming his way ;-) , and have a good old fashioned cram session. One full semester of procrastinating and accounting learning in one night, done and done.

Thursday - Accounting test rapeage. Solution: Grab a teammate, 2PM beers, steak place and a sprinkle of Irish Pub and stress release on the early morning drive home. Thanks for the drive eh G. P.!

Friday - Massive hangover. Solution: Roadie to Karlsruhe Subways, cheapie za's, and a little spliffy on the side :-)

Saturday - Gameday. Solution: Karlsruhe for konference soccer, weissen's, WeinNachtMarkt for some sweet gluwine, rocking on over to the Stuttgart housebash, more beer more beer more beer more beer...

Sunday early morning - Missed the last train to Pforzheim with a need for speed to rock out of dodge. Solution: Check out some wicked latino late night dance club downtown and sing spanish songs (that should read "trying to sing songs when you don't know the words nor the music") with a bunch of very loaded, very friendly, very understanding gang of newly met spanish guys. Roll on back to the HBF and grab the first train out of Stuttgart, the Nachtexpress, destination Paris. So why even bother stopping in Pforzheim!

Mystery solved. See you all tomorrow if I can get back somehow.


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