Monday, November 22, 2004

Despite what my bill indicates (did I really use 170 euros of phone service last month, how is that even possible!?) I still hate cell phones. This rant however is not directed at cell phones, rather their users. For gods sake people, turn off your cell phone during class. Even a novice like myself knows how to turn it on silent mode so I can discretely check messages without disturbing the class. Now we all forget to turn it off ever once in a while, you know we turn red, appologise and turn the thing off; but you know who I'm talking about... those students who consistantly leave their phone ringing throughout the semester's classes without any compunction about doing it at all! Now if that wasn't annoying enough, I've even seem a few of these brainiacs actually ANSWER THE PHONE AND START TALKING!! I can't believe the classlessness of those people. Respect the professor, the class and yourself, turn that fucking handy off during class!

(Having written this post now guarentees that I'll forget to turn mine off tomorrow, Murphy's Law).

Having gotten that out of my system, I'd just like to give a big thanks (big ups!) to everyone who came out on Friday and made it the great night that it was. There was some setbacks, a broken arm, a couple stiches, even a missing special hat or two :-) but all in all a pretty great time had by all.

If anyone found out why O-Zone was jammed packed at 5AM please let me know! I've never seen that many people there ever, it was so busy it was tough to even order at the bar! Good job Marta for getting the pics online so fast (here), I've chosen a select few here for comment, too bad I forgot to get everyone together for a group pic after the game :-(

Here's drunk Ross getting caught trying to put his hands in Carlos's cookie jar, look at the fear in his eyes! :-)

Once again, here's U-Bear succeeding where Ross failed :-)

Now I know where U-Bear gets his skills, look at the blazing speed he displays here in this photo in getting back on defence to intercept my breakout pass... is it a bird, a plane, superman? NO! It's super-Bear!

Finally, in from one of my most inspiring classes (business leadership), a couple quotes for the road:

"Do or do not, there is no try." - Yoda

"Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not" - Robert Kennedy

Have a great week everyone, only 3 more for the Rossman before I rock over to the US for my final semester. It's night's like Friday which remind me who and what I'm going to most miss about pforzheim :-)

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