Friday, December 03, 2004

Well German customer service does it again. I sent in my cancellation for my high speed internet service a coule weeks ago specifying a December 18th termination date. So I wake up Dec 1st, fire up the laptop, double click the internet connection wizard... BAM, user name or passowrd not accepted. I knew exactly what had happened.

After 2 days of calling, a newly created user account, $13 in charges, 2 name corrections to my account and a direct deposit re-application I'm finally back online. Thanks Tiscali, you suck.

At least this little experience has reaffirmed my assertation that I'm a total geek that would rather (that should read "prefer") live without cable TV, a telephone or even my left testicle than without high speed internet access. Ladies... please line up for your piece.

On another note, the VFB Stuttgart game is tomorrow and I'll be buying tickets this afternoon (the train ride to and from Stuttgart is free with your advance ticket) so shoot me an e-mail pronto if you wanna go (penis event only, sorry gals).

No links today but I guess I'm on Ista's forwarding list or she knows how much of a sucker I am for pics of the stars or space cus I found this in my box, thanks Ista, here's looking at you kid ;-)


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