Monday, November 29, 2004

Musings, thoughts and crap from around the web:

The 12 days of Christmas consumer price index, nowhere near as cool as Doug and Bob Mackenzie's 12 days of Christmas! (if you have kazaa, edonkey or emule etc you can get the clip here, best X-mas song ever!)

Hilarious science, I think we should do some follow-up research on this experiment this Saturday ;-)

A cool website (that I might have even linked to before, I totally can't remember) that lets you type in 5 digit zip codes for the united states and see the location on its interactive map.

During the cold war of the 1980's the Russians wanted to send a sateilite destroyer into space, here's a pic of the design. For the record they couldn't get the thing into orbit ;-)

Micheal Jordan won a ton of championships with the Chicago Bulls, left the game completely to fail miserably at baseball, then came back and won more championships. He was a true leader by example. Well guess what, it runs in the family, Jordan's brother is a leader too.

Hong Kong is trying to catch some of the wave of technology companies moving to China but must find very different methods to attract them in absence of cheap land, even cheaper labour costs and other insentives. Can a high tech technology park be a sustainable developement over time? Maybe if coupled with tax incentives?

A video game that recreates the Kennedy assassination is about to cum out, totally sadistic, but is there a viable market for this stuff? Unfortunatly probably there is, and a relatively large one at that. Interesting considering that there is as of yet no required enforcement of under-age purchasing of violent video games (it's self regulated currently).

Is google trying to replace Microsoft as the dominant software company? Seems like they're making baby steps into Microsoft's markets.

A short review of Skype, the free online VoIP application. I'll get there, just don't have time to hook it up before getting to Utah, but I've heard good things from current users.

This is so true, we ARE the tech support generation. Now if I could just find a relative who can jimmy hardware repairs to take care of my hard drive whoe's then those family reunions would really pick up. Actually reminds me of one of my parents friends who'd play around on the computer with me until I had to go to bed instead of talking with the other adults whenever they threw a party (I was 10, he was 35). I wonder why he got divorsed...

And finally some inspiration for those of us frustrated with the job search, Popular Science's top 10 Worst Jobs, ok the anal-wart researcher is just flat out the grossest thing I've heard of all week, actually hearing someone ask how Matius has sex was pretty close :-)


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