Thursday, December 09, 2004

Well the secret's finally out, not that there wasn't already a couple close calls! We rocked down to Grenoble yesturday to surprise Old Man Aussie for his b-day. I guess he was getting pretty confused as to why none of us were answering his e-mails for the past couple weeks (for fear of dropping a clue).


Because of a delayed start we didn't get to check out any classes, but initial impressions (and highly superficial at that) on Grenoble are that it's a tech hub (building a miniturization institute and they even have a friggin particle accelerator there!), socially backward (bars close at 1AM and there is no, and I mean NO, food, stores or anything open after 1AM either!!) and quite quaint nesstled in a flat valley surounded by hughmungous mountains.

The night rocked in a familiar way which we haven't felt here in Pforzheim for a while. We had the usual, darts, Irish Pubs, shots dropped into beers (is that usual?), police closing down our bar due to noice complaints, "fake" last call bells, barkeeps at the last place giving us plastic cups to take our beer on the road (hint hint), midnight directions*, a little guitar Hotel California and a nice rock hard all wood floor bed :-) But it was the people, the company that made the night. Good times gang!

It was also great to see Stuttgart K there, and the other students we met were cool (alhtough the two Canadian girls didn't make it out). I only wish we had a picture of Oz's face when we walked into his room, total uncomprehension at first which soon turned to total elation. Probably one of the few times we've ever seen Oz for a loss of words ;-) And what's this I hear about summary's and concised slides and presentations without heavy reliance on PowerPoint? I think I've heard that before, maybe sometime last year, well at least until those arguements were drowned out and discounted by the Oz man himself as being totally heretical... "how can you have a presentation without 500 pictures and 20 paragraphs of information on each of the 4000 slides!?!?! Not Possible!!!" Perhaps I exagerate a little... perhaps not :-)

Anyways, got back late today, hit hockey with the Pforzheim team for the last time tonight. I don't think the beers helped my game, 6 breakaways, only 1 goal to show for it, or maybe I'm like Bure, you've got to be good to get breakaways right? ;-) Ladies if you're lucky I think some of the team is cuming to next Wednesday's Irish Pub... try and control your hormone's :-)

Ok, it's almost 4AM and we've got Innovation Management tomorrow (great work on the slides Marta, you PowerPoint geek, yes Karlsruhe Kris you might actually have some competition upon your return next semester!!). MBA getaway weekend to Amsterdam starts tomorrow night, SWEET ROAD TRIP!!! Let's get it on!!

* Actually the highlight of the night: I asked some "madmoiselle" walking on the street if she new of any places to buy food, of any kind, at that time of night. She shook her head repeating that there was definatly no way to buy any type of food until the stores all opened at 6AM in the morning and even if it was a starving life or death situation there was no way to get any type of food, no matter what. I then asked if there was an open gas station around that might sell stuff.

She stopped, starred at me with her jaw dropped and a completly blank stare that masked the internal collision of world's occuring within her mind and said with utter amazement (as if I had discovered Plutonium) and complete sincerity: "Wow... [pause]... you're really smart... [pause]... there's one two blocks over and they have snacks".

The scariest part is that she almost certainly hadn't had anything to drink, smoke or otherwise that night. Hilarious.


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