Tuesday, January 04, 2005

101 Things

I love this idea 101 things to do in 1001 days. Some of my favorites from their list:

4 - Build up 6 pack abs.
11 - climb a mountain.
18 - Do 100 pushups.
68 - Release a message in a bottle.
101 - Watch the sunrise with someone special.

I've got a ton of my own to add, many having to do with new travels I want to do (many already in the works!). On tap already this year is Germany (many times including for World Cup 2006!), Sicily, France (unfortunatly ;-), Ireland (extended this time!), Iceland (got my tix yesturday), Vancouver/Seattle (again, got the tix yesturday), Netherlands (another Amsterdam run and also Rotterdam for work), London... am I forgetting any? (I don't include our planned excursions within Ontario despite our plans as that's just going out in "our own backyard" :-)

Those ones are for sure (baring some catastophe), but also on tap near the end of 2006/beginning 2007 is a trip down under to OZ and also South America/Antartica. I can't wait! (Update: looks like it's going to be end of January 07 so I can be there for their national holiday which I believe is on the 26th of Jan)

I'm too lazy to go back to one of my posts last Feb with the things I wanted to get done by the end of the year, needless to say I doubt I achieved many of them :-( I'll get around to making a new/revised list next week closer to the 1st end of Jan. Despite the fact that I didn't get many planned things accomplished, I don't think I could have jammed much more into 2005. What an amazing year!

Update 2: This new book from Lonely Planet called "Blue List" looks totally cool with amazing things/adventures/experiences to check out around the world. Anyone have a copy for old EuroRoss? ;-) I'll definatly have to check some of those out and get them on the 2006 "to do" list! :-)

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