Sunday, January 09, 2005

Vegas baby! VEGAS!!!!

So I'm sitting at home Friday night after the orientation party doing work for a couple hours and then I stop and think, Ross what the hell are you doing? It's Friday night of my first week in Utah and I'm sitting at home working on some crap for next week??

I was totally bumbed out so I jumped out of my PJ's and went to check out what was up on campus. It didn't take very long to get things rolling, I strolled on over to Heritage centre which was still pretty dead because school doesn't start until Monday, but I saw this girl I met on the shuttle bus on the way to the university so I went on over to get a game of pool or something going (remember Utah U is the king of board games, pool, bowling, movies, you name it, just no on campus bar). We continue our conversations and tour of Utah that we had started on the shuttle and hung out for a bit. A little while later a couple of her friends come on by and join us, the conversation was quickly deteriorating to "girl talk" when I came up with a great idea to spice things up, VEGAS!

Long story short, about 7 hours later we were dead tired and playing blackjack at Ceasars. After dropping a bundle and hitting the buffet hardcore we partied it up Saturday. Not bad for a weekend roadie! I'm not even tired (I have no idea why), but school starts full swing tomorrow so... I leave with a great quote that bitsy got in that really summed up my bad mood on Friday before turning things around and making the weekend truely great:

What you do speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you say.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yeah it doens't make much sence in this context, deal with it ;-)

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