Friday, January 21, 2005

Wanna market yourself, wanna get a job, wanna stand out from the crowd? Wow, this guys online resume is impressive, attention grabbing, hilarious and totally shows off his skills. Wow, I'd hire him! Here's another one, look at this guy, he's figured it out. Here's an excerpt from one of his articles that I found interesting:

Fourteen Questions to Ask Every Time
To evaluate opportunities, entrepreneurs ask the following questions:

1. What is the need you fill or problem you solve? (Value Proposition)

2. Who are you selling to? (Target Market)

3. How would you make money? (Revenue Model)

4. How will you differentiate your company from what is already out there? (Unique selling proposition)

5. What are the barriers to entry?

6. How many competitors do you have and of what quality are they? (Competitive Analysis)

7. How big is your market in dollars? (Market Size)

8. How fast is the market growing or shrinking? (Market Growth)

9. What percent of the market do you believe you could gain? (Market Share)

10. What type of company would this be? (Lifestyle or High Potential, Sole Proprietorship or Corporation)

11. How much would it cost to get started? (Start-up Costs)

12. Do you plan to use debt capital or raise investment? If so, how much and what type? (Investment needs)

13. Do you plan to sell your company or go public (list the company on the stock markets) one day? (Exit Strategy)

14. If you take on investment, how much money do you think your investors will get back in return? (Return on Investment)

Here's a great site marketing a new restaurant, very cool.

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