Sunday, January 16, 2005

Bummin around the web, watching the NFL playoffs, totally sluffing off readings :-)

If you want to get into a great mood today, start it off by watching this :-) Hilarious! Need another fix? Try this commercial on for size! My gut hurts!

For someone like me who doesn't really enjoy just looking at old buildings, landmarks and famous attractions, this system of adding digital people and stories to the surrounding location is very interesting. More info from the Lifelus project website.

Construction in Antarctica seems to be firing up again. Cool since I hope to be there next year! This pic shows what I have to look forward to. I certainly didn't take this pic with my digi-cam!

If you're into conspirousy theories, this flash movie does a pretty good job at peeking interest (it looks discounting the released statement that a plane crashed into the pentagon on 9/11).

Ladies, this guy can dance!

What a great idea! This startup company's office is well... a coffeeshop. The coffeeshop offers free wireless access to customers so they just go there, buy coffee, lunch, whatever and work all day.

67's lost today, that blows...

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