Saturday, January 15, 2005

I bought a digital camera yesturday! Obviously I just started with something mid range, and it doesn't take very good pics at night despite a flash, but whatever. I like that it can take short movies with sound, and that function works pretty good.

The view from my dorm window, there's some construction going on in the centre of the square to build a playground for some of the kids (many of the students in the graduate houses are married with kids). Hopefully I'll have something a little more "Utah like" soon since there's tons of good views on the walk to class everyday.

A crazy week of over 45 hours of class is going to be capped by a weekend of readings in front of the TV watching the NFL playoffs... and I want to climb that mountain you see in the background, but apparently my roomate says that takes about 2 hours each way so we'll see.

Update: Well I just got back, wow, take a look at some of these shots. I guess the camera's not so bad in the daylight. I climbed up that "hill" you can see in the picture above.

50% of the way up, 100% tired ;-)

About 75% of the way up I ziggeed over the the left more so I could take a look a the ridge inbetween the hill I was on an the one mext to me. The mountain ridge at the very top is actually very far away and is separated by a HUGE valley between the hills I was climbing and the mountains farther away which you can see in the later pics.

And then I got to the top!

It sucks because I had a great shot with me and the background but I camera lost battery power, that sucker can eat the juice! Next time I'll have to carry up a generator for it :-)

Well not bad for the first try, of course the sun has now come completly out from the clowds and the view would be even better now, but a pretty good initial test climb (I made the mistake of wearing my jacket and was soaked by the time I took my first break!).

Next week, Everest ;-)

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