Friday, January 14, 2005

My catch phrase of the day: "Are you in it?"

Now that business school has started up again I'll probably have alot more business related links, thoughts, insights and comments... well maybe not so much insight ;-)

Take a look at this article which looks at some predictions in the technology world the author made in 2004 and lists the updated list for 2005. Especially interesting are his idea's on Microsofts Virus Protection Software entry as well as Apple's 6 billion in cash for a possible aquisition or market share play. Today in brand management the professor was stating his opion that the recent Delta low-fare play was a total waste as the other airlines just matched price and . In the professor's words "any idiot can fiddle with price", you've got to provide value (either fundamental or percieved) to differentiate your product and gain market share. On that line will an Apple play for market share by below-cost hardware sales really help? On another note, Apple's drive for the future of digital music seems to be curning along nicely, they just introduced a $99 (American) dollar flash memory iPod.

... but not so fast! Take a look at these insightful observations by Russell Beattie on how Microsoft is taking control of the future. Exemplary strategy execution in action.

Cool, looking through private webcams throughout the world, but I bet at least one person was fired because of this gaft.

An interview with a former CIA agent turned book writter. The interview is pretty lame, but her last comment is quite interesting: "You know we're the last remaining superpower, we should have one of the best spy services there is and we don't." I wonder who does have the best spy network/system, one things for sure though, USA isn't and won't be the last remaining superpower.

Sleep less, eat more? Can't we just do both? ;-)

Supposedly if you draw a calculator with this pen and then use the pen to press the "imaginary" numbers the pen will read out the answer... wow, and I thought my "Speak and Spell" was cool when I was a kid!

Only in Canada, a federal politician charged because he used his official department credit card to buy over $150,000 in... hockey cards. No joke. Like I said, only in Canada!

See how I started off with some business links and then totally wandered around from topic to topic... yeah that's called focus ladies and gentlemen ;-)


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