Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I'm going through my old computer files, so I thought I'd post most of the remaining links I've been gathering over the last couple weeks, there's some gems in there so enjoy!

There's danger in choosing a company name as well as in its percieved country of origin if marketing is not tailored locally. Hence backlash against multi-nationals and companies associated with country's of political unpopularity can really feel the heat. Coke and McDonalds, both highly identified as American companies by consumers in the EU took a profit hit during the Iraq war, Colgate another company based out of the US did not because its products are not identified as being "American". Something companies and brand managers should keep in mind.

The Tsunami was a terrible tragety, look at the weird types of unknown fish (scroll down) that have been beached from the depths of the oceans because of it. Makes you realize just how much we really don't know about our own planet.

This looks like it's going to play out like a classic "our technology is better" and then the company dies because of strategy, miss management of markets or some other idiotic non-technical reason. TiVo has lost the Comcast deal, soured the Direct TV relationship and is loosing tons of cash each quarter. Do they really think they have technology that can't be readily duplicated? Do they think customers will stay with a contentless TiVo instead of a cheaper content-filled competitor?

The experts are saying that fraudulant online click-throughs will bring down the online advertising model, personally I think that model will be dead/mutated/outdated before fraud ever gets a chance to bring it down.

I don't know who's running EA's (Electronic Arts) strategy department, but after locking up the NFL to protect it's Madden franchise and its new deal with ESPN effectively killing off its only rival SEGA from the market, they certainly deserve a raise!

Oscar the gouch is cool:

The record industry reportedly uses statistical analysis software to analyse whether a song will be a hit, to review new bands or to choose which songs on an album should be released as a single on the radio. This sounds like the principals of "Moneyball" (a book I highly recommend!)applied to the record industry.

Ok, I know I usually refer to myself as a geek, but guys like this loser reaffirm faith in myself... although I would like to see the new Star Wars on opening night ;-) They even have Mr. Potato Head Darth Vader toys now! This guy is also a contender, a grandfather clock entirely made out of Lego... yeah he hasn't been laid in a while ;-)

This is hilarious, great job Target (a US retailer) for making me laugh and actually want to watch your commercial!

Forrester is launching a magazine. Why you ask? Here's a pretty good take on it.

Were you able to track Santa this year? Did he bring you presents or coal? Have you started compliling next years list yet? I like to get ahead of the pack ;-)

This is interesting, the next level to piercings and tatoos, permanent eye jewelry:

This service from Amazon, where cellphones can scan the barcode of books in stores to see if you can get a better price online would be mint for buying my textbooks here at Utah which average over $100 US a pop... and if I had a working cell phone here...

An interesting post on the "10 rules for successful managers to live by". I like 1, 6 and 7, the others are crap and boring.

What is beercasting? Basically a night out at the Irish pub with only 4-10 people and a recorder to put the discussion on the web. Check it out.

What are the key tasks of leadership? This post has some good insight. This blog deals with leadership issues and publicises the book "Managing Leadership", has anyone read it and can recommend?

Here's something novel, counties offering free land for people to move there. I remember sometime last year there was a competition for a free ocean view mansion somewhere in Australia to an aspiring married couple who wanted to have kids. I wasn't married at the time... um ok for the record I've never been married, anyways but I really wanted to live in that free mansion so I entered me and an unsuspecting co-worker (what's up Al?) into the draw (over 100,000 applied). The fact that I am typing this in the middle of a Utah snow storm pretty much tells you we didn't win :-)

Every what happened to those old television and movie stars that you just don't hear about anymore? Well this site tracks them after their fall from glory. What you talkin' about fool, Mr. T ain't a has-been!

This is going to be me here in Utah at 7AM in the morning on the way to class... in Feb when I get my car down here. Or maybe I won't even need a car if the gov would splearge a little and get one of these cool futureistic transporting rail systems. Thought that first one was good? Check this one out!

I was totally into Survivor for a while, even though the only way I could get it was to download it off the net while in Germany. the one ray of happiness I had during that phase was on my trip to Russia where I was able to see the Russian version (thanks M!). Cool, they use only hot chicks and fat old men for their castaways, catering the the market I guess :-)

Ok, even I need a break after all this stuff!

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