Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Things are starting to get wierd in the world, or maybe things were always weird and I just didn't notice, or maybe I'm just getting old ;-) I just finished a boring paper to get it out of the way, sweet! My night class is cancelled tomorrow night and I already finished the assignment given to replace it last week so I'm finally going to get to that competitive intellegence research I've been egging to do... yeah I'm a geek, and geeks surf the web, so here's what this geek found today:

Things ARE getting crazy, for instance, when doctors start creating cross-bread animals and humans creating chimera's it's time I do a reality check.

This kind of a temperature rise would kill Winterlude and outdoorhockey man!

Apple's apparently been all pissy with this site because they are interested in Apple products and sometimes search out information about the company before the general public is "supposed" to learn about it. A site/people that are so adicted to your products that they have to stay on the informational cutting edge... yeah sue them for sure, great idea.

I liked this concise and to the point post on Arab suffrage from Micheal Williams:

"Does anyone else find it ironic that the only two places in the world where Arabs have a meaningful opportunity to vote are Israel and -- soon -- Iraq?"

I also scammed this joke off his site (although I've seen it before):

"Mark Twain is at a party, mingling with the upper crust, and he's talking to an obviously rich matron who is busy lamenting the death of morality. Mr. Twain interrupts her to ask, "My dear madam, your complaints are well-grounded, but I wonder if you would sleep with me for one million dollars?"

The woman replied, a bit flustered, "For one million dollars Well, who wouldn't?"

"Unfortunately," Mr. Twain continued, "I don't have one million dollars. Will you sleep with me for twenty?"

The woman became offended and said indignantly, "Certainly not! What kind of woman do you think I am?!"

To which Mr. Twain replied, "We've already established that; now we're just haggling over the price."

Hilarious! Check out his Sept 27, 2004; July 24, 2004 and June 20, 2004 posts (links not working) as they're pretty interesting and humourous!

A decent branding strategy post on being #2 in a market.

You can use Google for more, here's a cool hack that lats you search for online webcams.

A well written assignment on consumer privacy.

6AM wakeup, 7AM class, Thursday's are not kind...


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