Thursday, January 27, 2005

Think job seekers are the only ones who lie or "stretch the truth", not so. I just got through two telephone interviews where the job position description I applied for was TOTALLY misrespresented. What a waste of my time, it should be a crime for some of these companies to list "research intellegence activities" when they should be putting "sales" and the phrase "competitive salary" is a joke.

Well at least I'm in the groove, my most promising enquiry to date is an interview tomorrow morning in Boise, I'm flying out in about an hour, and the best part is I'll be back just in time for tomorrow nights big bash which would be perfect to celebrate some good news! Wish me luck!

I saw this picture and just thought it was genius! For all of us who see what we are today and know where we'd like to go, this one's for you!


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