Saturday, January 29, 2005

Synopsis, a friend cums to visit, we meet Friday night, hit the party, he goes home with a chick, I don't see him until 8pm the next night just in time for the next party. What a stud. Anyways while he finishes off in the shower (wow that sounds grosser than it's supposed to), I'm getting some links up from the past couple days:

In a boring list I saw one comment that made me spit on my laptop screen:

"Tip #6 – It's not true that only guys can be funny. Girls can be funny too, they just choose to be pregnant sometimes instead."

This link is cool at first, then the longer you stare at it (roll your mouse over the pics) the weirder it gets, especially at 2AM in the morning. If you need something else to totally waste your time, try microwaving grapes. Of course you can always just read some Calvin and Hobbs comics, the greatest comic ever! (that link shows real snowmen versions of the comic, the comic is actually not that sadistic).

This totally made me sick to my stomack but I'm posting it because it's a real good eye opener, before and after pictures of people that used meth (a powerful narcotic).

It takes about half a nanosecond after something happens before there's someone else selling a t-shirt about it, get your "Brad [Pitt] left Jen for me" t-shirts here and your NHL lockout "Salary-Caps" here. (guys from my hometown started that one!)

When the integrety of the games you are watching cums into question the sport itself faces a crisis of becoming obsolete in the eyes of the public. What's the use in watching a match if you know some of them are fixed? This is what the German referee scandal is going to be dealing with, only one year before the World Cup is supposed to be held in that country. Baseball is dealing with a similar issue affecting integrety of the game (steroids), poorly I might add.

Worldwide brands with estimated value of over a billion dollars, the grand puba being Coke. I'm currently tatkeing a brand mamangement course with the former head of marketing for Coke's Atlanta Olympics campaign, not bad. Here's a great blog on brand issues, Brand Autopsy.

Now that the MBA is almost completed and the job search is in full swing, I find myself gravitated towards PHD program information which I will undoubtenly pursue after a couple years more work experience. Here's one program that really caught my eye from Melbourne Australia, certificate in innovation management. The entrepreneur challenge is a great bonus.

The 99 most desireable women of 2005, for the record I have dibs on #98 (boseworth) #72 (bilson) #62 (racheal) #43 (diane lane) #39 (molly sim) #35 (casta) #32 (milano) #22 (beckinsale) ;-)

With the Superbowl only a week away, there's just as much hype at the business school about the commercials as the actual game. Every year a 30-second ad spot during the superbowl commands the highest advertising prices of the year. It's easy to see why, hundreds of millions of people will watch it around the world, a cross-section of the population that companies can only drool over. Of course this all cums at a price, I think this years 30 second spot goes for 2.3-2.4 million bucks... ouch! Anyways for Brand Management class it's our responsibility to watch all the commercials and rank their impact. Oh yeah, mommy it's my homework to watch the superbowl!

And finally, this is totally cool for burning away the bordom (or filling up procrastination time!). Drag around the letters that other people around the web are doing as well to try and spell some words, cool.

I'm off to the PAR-TEH!!

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