Friday, February 04, 2005

Ok, World Cup 2006 Germany tickets are now open for lottery pick registration (everyone who wants tickets signs up and lottery determines who actually gets to buy them since there's not enough to go around to everyone who wants them). The way it works is you pick what type of tickets you want, single game, location or team packages, you then fill out your name and the info for some "guests" (which can be changed later) and the lottery will determine if you can buy them. You're only allowed one application of 4 tickets per household, so here's my offer since I REALLY want to go.

Register for four "TFT-7" tickets for the German national team here, if you win a lottery spot in March I will GUARENTEED pay you DOUBLE what the tickets cost you. Easy money. Register and e-mail me now! To my friends and family PLEASE help me out on this one!

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