Monday, January 31, 2005

Best line on the Simpsons last night when Homer changes his name to Max Power:

Marge - "But I don't want to snuggle with Max Power, I want to snuggle with Homer Simpson"
Homer - "You don't snuggle with Max Power, you just strap in and feel the G's"

Hilarious! What a great day, too bad I'm stuck in class for all the daylight hours of it :-(

Here's some pics from my forarry yesturday though:

The sun's breaking through, time for a hike! It was totally weird because I went to the trail that I know the best and it was totally different! Over the past week (I didn't get a chance to hike because of the weather) somehow they cut down all the brush (see canopy pics from before) and flattened down all the trails. I have no idea how they did that since it was almost impossible even to walk on some of those trails they were so steep, I wonder how they got the machines up there to do all that. Anyways, whereas before I could only see one main path with one wierd branch off, now there's tens of crisscrossing trails. Very cool.

The residents and bridge from afar (zoomed).

Downtown Salt Lake (zoomed from the hill). The only thing out of place is that smoke stack in the distance that I never noticed before.

It's still trying to break through!

Why arn't my pics transfering to my computer? Oh it's on picture mode...


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