Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Scoble did a good thing by leveraging his reach and connection to industry and customers by asking today on his site:

"So, I'm wondering, what are some small things that we could get done?"

My contribution:

1 - I'm not sure if you have this yet, please make it so I can specify that all new windows open maximized. If you can do this then how?

2 - Again not sure if you have this already, when I click on my defrag utility from the taskbar, allow me to highlight and defrag all my drives instead of doing each one individually. I remember it used to ask me which drive or both in win98 I think.

3 - Allow me to specify what gets activated in the startup, for example I deactivate quicktime but if I use it then it automatically re-inserts itself in there and loads up at the beginning, until I remove it again, and the cycle continues.

4 - I like that other suggestion to allow clicked links from hotmail to not wrap them in an MSN window.

5 - Just build RSS into Outlook standard, that should only take a few hours.

6 - Gimme a job would be cool! Although I guess you were looking for ways to IMPROVE Microsoft's products ;-)

A great idea for some good customer feedback, especially since his site gets like ten googlezillion hits a day. I'm now waiting for my recruiter call ;-)

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