Thursday, February 03, 2005

Cool, Scoble referrenced one of my suggestions in a post yesturday (for the record I'm the last "Ross"). No job offers yet funneled from that channel though ;-)

In a related topic to what we're discussing in "Competitive Advantage of People" class where we're talking about high performance organisations, Google just announced a new cash incentive for its employees. High performance org's generate MAD cash, which in turn is used to attract and retain high performance employees, which generates even more cash, and the cycle continues. Our list total of identified high performance organisations... 8... worldwide.

A cool study over 18 months on the sexual relationships of a high school grade. Here's an interesting conclusion from the study:

"But in the case of adolescents, “there aren’t any hubs to target, so you have to focus on broad-based interventions,” Moody said. “You can’t just focus on a small group.”"

Which also has some relevance to companies marketing to this segment. Incedently, I couldn't find any blue-blue or pink-pink links ;-)

And speaking of sex, when I was filling out my residence application for Utah there was a box which asked if I was a registered sex offender, there's a site that shows where registered sex offenders live (US) so you can check your neighbourhood. What freeked me out was how many there are! This map shows those offenders living close to DisneyLand.

Speaking of sex but thinking of sexy, the Oscars are cuming up soon, I hope Kiera Knightly is going again to show off her abs of steel!

Think the world isn't warming up? Take a look at these pics of a receeding glacier over the years in Artica. Interesting. And speaking of pictures, look at this painting, by a blind person!

The key phrase in this article on "Top Brands" is readers choice, there's no way any of these brands compare in power and recognizability (yeah I just made that word up) around the world. Basically the list is a popularity contest, with the Apple geeks taking control. Useless info (well almost useless if you want to be technical). Speaking of another top worldwide brand, Microsoft, these comments from one of their execs are totally bogus (or he's just ignorant). There's no way that search isn't going to be integrated into the OS, hell there's already a search there how much more will it take to add the toolbar! Maybe they have delusions about somehow deriving an additional revenue stream from that application, but that will fade with the midnight wind as soon as Google introduces their OS... with integrated search of course!

Wow, prices for laptops are really dropping, $550 american for this one (although it has a wimpy 128 RAM). I want my $10 superlaptop!

I've been holding back about posting anything about a possible NHL deal since the tone has always been negative and the conditions (with exception of their entrenched cap-no cap stances) seem to be changing all the time. Plus I'm sick of hearing the phrases "cap", "cost certainty", "lockout" etc etc. but of course with the looming deadline I thought I'd post one report of a NHL proposal. I hope they get something done and are playing by next week when I get home, yeah right.

And I leave you with this pic of a distress message from a stranded snowmobiler who ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere... only in Canada! :-)


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