Thursday, February 10, 2005

Things are changing and it's only going to speed up. Although I've known this for a long time, I don't think I've ever really experienced and been swept away by its power until the last month. With the last chapter on my 2 year MBA experiment about to cum to a close, it's finally hit me this week how it'll all be utilised. There's been some sleepless nights lately as I figure through some life altering decisions (professional, personal etc) in which I've actually made some progress on goals and direction. Yes my thesis topic has now been solidified, surprising how different it is from the topic I was "sure" I was going to focus on when I entered my MBA, a reason which even drove my decision to pursue a MBA in the first place! I hope this is a reflection of some amount of growth and learning that I've aquired, but it could just be that I fell over that flower pot and hit my head :-)

Take some time to reflect inwards (much the same as the topics discussed in biz leadership class, great job Pfortch!) and try and hit on these topics as soon as you can. The sooner you stop putting off these decisions, the sooner you can act on them. Alas, as with most things in life it usually takes deadline pressure or a dramatic event to cause such action. Stay tuned as this journey is going to hit lightspeed, I invite you all to join me for the ride :-)

On to some other things I've been looking at today:

I'm thinking about getting a flatscreen for dual screen use at home with productivity enhacement as the delusional justification. Any suggestions out there? And as long as I'm wishing for stuff I've also been thinking about a webcam for setting up collaborative MBA education excusions throughout the world (why shouldn't my experience here at Utah be shared with my fellow PF alma mater, or anyone else who is interested for that matter). Wouldn't that enrich our educations and drive value to the program? There are distinct learning effects with this type of system that can accentuate and accelerate the traditional ineffecient word of mouth networks. (small addition here is the laptop deal the school has with Dell, all PMBA's get Dell laptops at rediculusly low prices because of volume and upgrades, a good idea to transpose to our school). I guess this is a good time to remind my family and friends that I have a wishlist :-)

This video blows the mind. It's a PHD Medical Doctor that now works at Microsoft research developing a short HIV vacine (starts about half way through). He goes through an explaination of what the HIV virus does to a cell and how they're trying to solve the problem. This is unbelieveable and totally caused me to have an eye opening brain overload. It's absolutely amazing what is being done in todays world and how fast things are moving and changing. Wow, really wow.

I was trolling around and found this site on Foundations of Concious Computing (to do the test you should read the "overview" link first). It wasn't all that impressive in itself, but I was wondering about the definition and scope of the word discourse (yeah my mind is WAY out there today with only about 5 hours sleep in the last couple days). Anyways here's the definition:

1 - Verbal expression in speech or writing.
2 - Verbal exchange; conversation.
3 - A formal, lengthy discussion of a subject, either written or spoken.
4 - The process or power of reasoning.

This sparked a pool of ideas to swim around in my head for the last couple days in relation to my thesis. More on this later, gotta get back to the business of MBA ;-)


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