Monday, February 28, 2005

Ok, some humour to cap off the weekend:

This one's for Yang's B-friend who liked the "Cheerio's" song video so much. Enjoy! :-)
Update: Looks like this guy's starting a wave!

Another song mime, this time to Natalie Embroulia... yeah I have no idea how to spell her name nor the desire to spend the 2 seconds on google to look it up.

This is hilarious, British marines trying to storm a beach get stuck in the mud. Great learning experience for those guys, good thing they learned this now and not later during a live mission!

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to be the little guy... but sometimes it does:

The Channel 9 guy enjoying the view from Bush's lap (Channel 9 is a Microsoft community thingy, geeks should go check it out).

Finally, although it's pretty humourous to laugh at my mustang crash photos, I've already posted one of those, so instead I'll end with one of my favorite commercials of all time for breast cancer: click here for the 1.7 meg video.

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