Saturday, February 26, 2005

It's unbelievable how many e-mails, websites, schoolwork and chores need to be done. Here's some quick picks from the MOUNTAIN of links I'm going through:

The best comic strip ever, Calvin and Hobbs, is now out as a compendium.

Ok, I'm not a huge tennis fan but this is cool!

If you're feeling glum about relationships or just in the mood to see a great movie that I believe was totally underrated and ignored by the movie-going public, check out "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". "Garden State" is another low-key winner for a lazy Saturday afternoon on the couch. Great movies. I'm downloading "Sideways" now for review this weekend.

The largest Mersenne Prime (it's even the largest prime period) has been found and confirmed. Sometimes my math geekness shines through on my geek blog ;-)

Talk about sleeping in :-)

Hilarious, a new study concludes that gay men read maps like women. Best line of the report: "Gay men adopt male and female strategies. Therefore their brains are a sexual mosaic". A "sexual mosaic"?? Hilarious.

Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy fans, the trailer for the upcuming movie is out :-)

Moble PC's 100 top gadgets of all time. Love the speak and spell, I had one that did math, thought it was the coolest thing on earth when I was 6. I was also one of the first to own a Diamond Rio (pre-ordered it from the website). Unfortunatly I never did own a Startac as I hadn't been infected with the cell phone addiction until many years later upon moving to Europe, always thought it could pick up chicks ;-)

Considering my lack of ability in speaking French, German and even English (inside joke: I also can't speak "Japan"), there's no way that Daniel Tammet is my psudoname.

Stonehenge 2, the sequel in New Zealand has been completed. I'm waiting for the declaration from an ambitious country to start another world wonder that could potentially last for millenia, like the pyramids etc.

Yes it's true, I got in a slight crash while in Waterloo. Noone was hurt which is the most important thing, but this picture as well as a look at my new insurance rate brings numerous tears to my eyes:

Drive safe everyone, EuroRoss lives to fight another day...

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