Sunday, March 06, 2005

After a long night of partying I can't seem to get to sleep?? What's up with my sleeping patterns lately anyways? Can't sleep when I want to and die for a nap when I can't... must be the excercise, doesn't agree with my finely tuned drinking machine of a body ;-) At least it was a great night out...

Bummin' around the net with a heavy mind and heart:

Scoble with a good non-technical post on getting a good rental car. I'm sure there's some traveling salesmen with some good tips out there! Scoble again, on viral marketing. Speaking of viral, here you can get cool viral mini-movies and ads online... lots of good time wasting time there ;-)

The new killer ad-campaign, beeming your message into space!

For my Toronto-ites who are big fans of "Lowest of the Low", you can get a copy of a live recording with some new stuff on it.

Bleh... I think I'll go hit the tube...

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