Saturday, March 19, 2005

Thanks to everyone that came out to hockey last night, good times had by all. I'll have pics posted sometime this week (if you've got some please send them in for posting). Looks like that was the last ice hockey of the season, although we'll be starting up the road hockey next Sunday. As for this weekend, tomorrow we're BBQ'ing and watching the Oscar nominated movie "Sideways", trust me it's good. Cum one, cum all :-)

Bumming around the net:

Remember Nintendo? Our parents never let us have one until the Super Nintendo came out so the better part of 3 years of my childhood I spent drooling watching my friends play Mario and whatever else at their house. Well it all cums full circle, now you can get computer emulators like this with every Nintendo game known. This is going to cut into thesis time :-)

Looks like G8 Technologies (where I bought my Azio MP3 player) is finally defuct. Serves them right for selling me that piece of crap. Azio MP3 players are a piece of shit! These guys screwed me with a crappy player that only worked for a few months and over a year of high blood presure trying to get customer support to fix the problem. DO NOT BUY AN AZIO MP3 PLAYER!!! Screw you Azio!!

I highly recommend HJSplit to break up files and then re-assemble them later (like if you need a movie to break into two USB memory sticks or whatever). Free and great. If you're looking to clean up your browser/computer, this is a great parasite check. If you want to check the speed of your internet connection (and compare it to others), check out this site.

Why do they call it "the loo" in Britain? Some theories. Room 100??

A great article from the "New Yorker" on the relationship between labour and capital in the knowledge economy. Why did I like it so much? Well their parallels to the current NHL labour dispute didn't hurt :-)

Would you pay $30 a year to read EuroRoss? Would you read EuroRoss if I paid YOU $30 a year? :-) What about a Rosie O'Donnell's blog? :-)

I'm all for horsing around, but should the leader of the free world be doing this?

A restaurant where you pay what you think the meal was worth, interesting idea. Here's a new restaurant in Frankfurt that has techno music and is a little funky. Open till 6AM on weekends!

A review of Peter Drucker's "Innovation and Entrepreneurship".

Crossing the Canada-US boder (driving)? Check out the wait times, looks pretty good today.

Next year I still hope to go to Easter Island and Antarctica:

Of course by going to Germany I'll miss our annual Grand Bend roadie on May 24... that sux. At least there's alot of other places I'll be bumming around Europe this summer :-)

The most regulated and rule-oriented country in the world (Germany) just got worse. Great.

It's Saturday afternoon, it's time for a beer... :-)

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