Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter everyone!

Today is full out recovery mode day after a hard core couple of nights. Friday German came into town and we systematically demolished 2 meters of beer at the brewery pub and then hit irish for a couple staff pints. By the time we had finished talking about travel plans to Canada we headed on over to the pizza place for what is fast becoming a traditional 5:30AM plain pizza... extra sauce ;-)

Rock on. Wake up Saturday morning to a phone call "we're going to Schabish Hall, I'll be there to pick you up in 5". Shower, shit, shave. Beers made the 2 hour drive a breeze and the 30 minute tour of the city (including stops by "the pissing stairs" and "German puke zone") was surprisingly brief.

We ended up at a cafe by which time round 2 of the beers and chocolate had started to kick in. Very shick cafe place I must add.

We then headed over to a traditional German type restaurant with killer roastbraden und spetzle and of course had to break out the Stiffle! Jenny (probably aided in her strategicly dangerous position next to three hard core boozers) was a Stiffle killer, demolishing both with ease:



After (look at that rosy glow!)

After most of the gang headed back to Pforzheim I decided to check out the new Schultz Cafe in downtown Stuttgart. That place is smokin' and will definatly warrent a return trip! Kudos to GP for the find.

Finally it was time to rock home on the last train out of town which convieniently arrives in Pforzheim at 1AM, just in time to catch a quick pint at Irish to cap the two day bender. Of course one pint turned into 2, which turned into 3 which...

And I'd also just like to say congradulations to Stephan and Iste on their new nuptuals ;-)

Well a great weekend had by all, tonight we're BBQ'ing on 6th floor Kepler (for the view of the city) with some wine to be sure, cum one cum all!

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