Monday, April 04, 2005

Where did the day go??

I spent all day yesturday getting things done/ready for send out/application today so I thought it wouldn't be that busy today. Wake up on time, done. Three hour exam, done. Booked conference, done. Registered for classes, done. Updated PHD apps, done. Reference pick up, done. Hockey workout, done. Paris trip booking, done. Russian passport submission, done. Bahn tickets to Koln, done. Router fixing, half done. News catchup, done. Grocery shopping, done. Scheduled thesis contact work, done. Paper review work, half done. Insurance forms, done. Travellers cheques for trips, done. Ross, not done ;-)

I even got some links for ya before I head out for a much-deserved beer with a new friend :-)


This is the type of news we get about Germany in Canadian newspapers, today one of the headlines read:
"One person was killed and three seriously injured yesterday by a man who
attacked them with a sword at a Protestant church in Stuttgart"
Just great.

I can't believe it, but I'm Google's #5 result for the "Dietmar Hamann Bridge" (see previous post about naming the new Wimbley bridge after the German who scored the last goal there). Cool. Geeky cool. Update: I just realized that I'm the #5 result on the #5 page :-( Damn, I thought my life was complete.

You can buy anything on Ebay... anything.

A good point about why we should be looking up to Wal-Mart... and this one on management as compared to rock climbing. Jones Soda seems to be doing the "listen to your customers" right.

Paris Hilton "on the Pod"... scary.

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