Sunday, April 10, 2005

Some Sunday night links from the week:

A great question to ask the interviewer when they ask you if you have any questions about the company.

Looks like I'm not the only one that's been having difficulties with Blogger lately. Just for the record, Blogger is free. More than that, when I tried 2 years ago to pay to upgrade to Blogger Pro (when Blogger had just been bought out by Google) the techs there got back to me in 2 days and upgraded me for free. They still get cudos for that, but it'd still be nice to have a little more reliability out of Blogger.

If you fly alot, this site's for you. Seat Guru gives you info on which seats have more room, power outlets, everything.

A powerful post.

How to argue effectively against... smart people.

Oh Avril, will you every learn? At least I got my tickets for when she gets here to Germany, SWEET! (pic from Boing Boing)

The comment at the end of the review is priceless.

I'm not sure if this is morbid or hilarious.

Looks like the CN Tower isn't going to make the new list of the 7 Wonders of the World.

I think London's got to be the frontrunner for the Summer Olympics 2012, basically based on the fact that they haven't had the Olympics in so long as compared to the other cities that are bidding. New York would probably be a pretty controversial selection for countries outside North America, Madrid has no chance, Paris might get a good bid in there, Moscow not likely. We'll see, I think the decision comes down July 6th or 9th or something. Wierd to see the list of some of the cities that have gotten the Olympics before... and for the record Canada has hosted one summer Olympics (Montreal) and one winter (Calgary) and will host another winter in Vancouver 2010, yeah Vancouver!!

Podcasts from the jungles in Mexico. Sometimes you just want to get away from it all.

Cool idea, eBay for finance, wonder if it'll fly.

I'm outie, gotta hit the path for cruisin' and bruisin'...

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