Saturday, April 16, 2005

The three things I learned tonight while partying in Stuttgart:

1 - The circle beer place is absolutely the best place in all of Stuttgart to have a beer... at least it is during the summer... and at least when green shirt girl is in attendence :-)

2 - Oozo is not a hard shot for professionals.

3 - The 4AM night train express from Stuttgart is sometimes late, sometimes 45 minutes late, and sometimes that's a good thing. Meeting a German, Austrian, Bulgarian, Congo-nese(?) and Frenchman in the same cabin makes for great conversation.

Ok, an extra bonus piece of advice: drinking to get rid of a hangover incured from the previous night only makes the next night's train waiting ALOT more painful. True story.

More about last nights Newey party and 8:30AM exit from Irish pub tomorrow...

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