Saturday, April 30, 2005

Frühlingsfest baby! Rocking times last night in Stuttgart for the Springfest! I think there was some of us who did not sit down a single time once we got up on the benches! Rocking tunes too, even if the announcer sometimes announced a band (like AC/DC) and then would play something totally different (Dire Straights in this case). It all kicked off on the right foot starting with our pronographic word association game on the hour long train ride to Stuttgart:

Aussie: "Let's play a word association game. I'll say a word and then we'll go around the circle each saying a related word and we'll see how long it takes to get to something pronographic, ok I'll start... Kitten"

Before anyone else could even utter a sound:

Aussie: "Pussy"

Great game Oz. Ok, once we finally got the game warmed up (ie. Aussie stopped answering his own words) Ebina was not to be outdone:

Aussie: "Window"

Ebina: "Legs"

Everyone esle: "Huh??"

Ebina: "You know, legs"

Aussie: "Um... window ---> legs?"

Ebina: "Yeah legs, you know."

Um no Ebina, we don't know. What the hell are you two freaks doing out your windows in Kepler eh??

I had my own shining moments:

Aussie: "Train"

Ross: "Gangbang"

That's what we call an Ace ladies and gentlemen. If you can't figure out the association then thank your parents for not raising a total societal degenerate ;-)

Ok maybe the train ride wasn't exactly the most conventional beginning to a great night, but if it wasn't then the first stop of the day sure was... Circle Beer Place. For those of you that don't know, CBP is a cool beer shack downtown Stuttgart where everyone buys beers and sits around outside in this little area. The beer's easy on the stomack and the views even easier on the eyes :-) And for the record, although light blue made a VERY strong showing, it was Black on Black who took the prize ;-)

From CBP - What's Aussie looking for?

Ahh, must have been his spliffs, what a stoner!

The ladies enjoying a hefe... notice the dink giving himself an ass massage in the background :-)

After enjoying a beer at CBP it was time to rock to Cannstadter for the fest, we got it just before the lines started to acrue:

The guy on the right is satisfied, Slim is still experiencing some burning ;-)

The beerhall babes.

Is that Oz? ;-)

Why was I wearing shades? Cus I'm a shining star that blinds normal folks that's why!

No joke (although I had to edit the word it because the flash killed it), Stephan's cell phone was in it's home zone at the fest! Was there ever any doubt? :-)

Down the hatch Stuttgart K! Do I notice some tongue action there?? Dirty girl!

Stuttgart K happy her shirt didn't end up like mine after pouring the beer. Me... no doubts!

Either having a good time... or on speed ;-)

Mystery solved, speed.

Dude, did Oz see you at CBP for the smoke-up? ;-)

Saving a chick behind me from falling head backwards was rewarded with a half litre of beer all over my shirt. No problem though since it was hot as a frigging sauna in there and I could save the extra beer for later.

Slim thinks beer soaked losers are hot... or he's too drunk to realize it's me... or too drunk and horny to care ;-)

The beerhall bench dancing.

Retro Vancouver Canuck T's are SO in baby!

Time to rock home, good night everyone!

Thanks for Marta for getting some of these pics in, the rest of hers are posted here. Mine are all posted except the videos which are too big to post online :-( If anyone else has some pics please e-mail them in eh!

For those of you who missed out last night you've still got a chance to rock the weekend and enjoy the sun by cuming to the BBQ today. We meet at Irish pub at 5:30 (3:30 for the earlybirds who want to watch the game) and then head up the monument hill for some BBQ and Beers. BYOB - Bring your own beer/grilling food/whatever, we've got the BBQ and supplies. Everyone invited, no slackers ;-)

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