Monday, May 02, 2005

Do-be, do-be, do. Htting the thesis hard today, of course a few other things have flown across my screen as well:

I haven't seen if this has aired yet, but it's frigging hilarious what gets put on TV these days: "Finding the fastest sperm"?? You've got to be kidding me! Only in America... er... in Germany. Reminds me of one of the funniest Jackass skits ever when all the guys go to a sperm bank and compete on who can "deposit" sperm the fastest as well as who has the largest sperm count. Hilarious!

Newsgator does it again, although they didn't have the feature I was hopeing for (scrolling of posts from multiple blogs instead of having to click each individual feed), they responded to my inquiry in an amazing 20 minutes flat!! That's CRM in action! Well done Newsgator, thanks for the reply Ronnie.

Companies walk a fine line when taking a position on political issues, take a look at the current controversy with Microsoft when they pulled support from a legislative bill which even provoked an internal e-mail from CEO Steve Ballmer to the entire company.

In the era of the knowledge worker why do we need to be chained to our desks??

I recently heard the expression "going Jesse" and wondered what the hell it meant. Like most expressions its origin is a little shady, but this site serves up a decent explanation: "...was used to mean someone very energetic and active".

An interesting idea: "Could the US have bought its way out of the Civil War?" but I also think there's no way. They make some good points, but don't forget about the presures from industry which booms in times of war.

A restuarant in Taiwan with "toilets" as its theme, pretty wierd-funny.

Goodbye X-wars, it was fun but it's time to move on...

Some student stole his professors laptop after class one day, here's what the prof had to say the next week that would make any undergrad scared shitless.

This is absolutely hilarious. You've got to feel for this chick, some chick forgets the words to the American anthem during the opening of one of the pre-tournament games between Canada and the US and then tries to come back to sing it (I don't want to ruin it for you, just watch to see what happens).

Poker night tonight, hopefully papa-Ross will be raking in the bacon, oh yeah, all in baby!!

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