Sunday, May 08, 2005

What a great business joke (spooged from "Marketing eYe"):

A shoeshop owner was dismayed when a competitor selling similar shoes opened next-door to him, displaying a large sign proclaiming:

"Best Deals"

Not long after he was horrified to find yet another competitor move in next-door, on the other side if his store. It's large sign was even more disturbing:

"Lowest Prices"

After his initial panic, and concern that he would be driven out of business, he looked for a way to turn the situation to his marketing advantage. Finally, an idea came to him. Next day, he proudly unveiled a new and huge sign over his front door. It read:

"Main Entrance"!

Last night we wanted to take it a bit easy and ratchet our beergarden/pub crawl plans down to a more somber one beer and the hockey game. Dangerous. Ever notice how those "one beer" nights turn into the biggest benders?? Beers, shots, darts (we made an awsome new game, "3" is the new bullseye eh!), failed attempts at pool, pizza and 5AM crawl home... what a great "beer"! :-)

We also got onto the new Pforzheim web-community page Goldtown!

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