Monday, May 09, 2005

Working hard on my thesis today trying to conceptualize and structure some of the material I've already assembled. In the words of a wise old man (Aussie):

"It's either you the writer slaving away on the structure or the reader is going to suffering through a poorly organised paper trying to read through it. I say, Pass on the pain."

You are so right, "pass on the pain" :-)

Yesturday was VE-day (Victory in Europe day), thank you to all the troops, civilians and events that helped end the war. Of course the most important day/holiday of the year to me in which I go to the cenotaph and also to church is November 11 (In North America we don't really celebrate VE-day, we celebrate Nov. 11 "Rememberance Day" which is the day of the end of the first World War). Starting Nov. 1 you can donate to the vets and get a "free" poppy to wear which shows respect for those who fought and died in the World Wars (also Korea and Vietnam for Canadians). On Novemeber 11th there is a big service in all cities at the cenotaph (a momument with the names of the people who died in each of the wars from that city) and a minute of silence at 11:11am (the end of the war was on the 11th month, 11 hour, 11 minute). To those that put their lives on the line and sacrificed more than I can imagine for my freedom and the freedom of people around the world, I say thank you.


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